Robot Cutter LA-1600

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Specification & DescripitionModelE1600/E1600T                      5th generationAuto recharge●Covera

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Specification & Descripition
ModelE1600/E1600T                      5th generationAuto recharge
Coverage (for once charging)
800/1300m2±20%Intelligent spiral
Working capacity2600/3600m2±20%Go straight
Virtual wire maximum length/diameter
600m/0.5mmAnti theft
Standard virtual wire length/diameter100m/0.5mmLift sensor
Mower size60*46.5*26.5cm(LWH)Tilted sensor
Charging station size70*50*20cm(LWH)Electronic gyroscope
Rated Power85W(average)Pressure sensor
Noise≤60dBWIFI Application
Qty for cutting blades4pcsBump sensor●(side and front)
Cutting height2.5-5.5cmLED display
Cutting width28cmWaterproof
Cutting speed35m/min

Blades rotate speed3000rpmTime set-up system
Hill capability30degree Max slopeEmergency switch
Max ambient functioning temp.40℃Set up password
Average working time2-3/4-5hoursLanguage option
Wireless remote control6mAround virtual wire walking selection
Type of batteryLithiumMower can't been start when charging station power less
Battery capacity6.6AhMower can't been start when virtual wire has been cut off
Gross weight21/22KGSIntelligent testing lawn
Net weight18/19KGSSubarea setting
Charging time≤3/≤5 hoursWarranty2 years
Rain sensor●with this function