Robot Cutter LA-1800

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Specification & DescripitionModelE1800S/E1800 / E1800T  WIFI       WIFI●Auto recharge   ●Coverage (for once charging)300/500 /

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Specification & Descripition
ModelE1800S/E1800 / E1800T  WIFI       WIFI
Auto recharge   
Coverage (for once charging)
300/500 / 700m2±20%Intelligent spiral   
Working capacity1000/1500/1800m2±20%Go straight  
Standard virtual wire length/diameter100m/0.5mmLift sensor 
Mower size 52*39*27cm(LWH)Tilted sensor
Charging station size60*50*17cm(LWH)Gyroscope
Rated Power 85W(average)
Noise≤60dBIntelligent cutting height adjusting
Qty for cutting blades3pcsBump sensor●(side and front)
Cutting height 2.5-5.5cmLED display
Cutting width 21cmWaterproof
Cutting speed 35m/minTouch sensor
Blades rotate speed 3000rpmTime set-up system
Hill capability30degree Max slopeEmergency switch
Max ambient functioning temp.  40℃Set up password
Average working time2-3hours / 3-4hoursLanguage option

Around virtual wire walking selection
Type of battery LithiumMower can't been start when charging station power less
Battery capacity4.4Ah / 6.6AHMower can't been start when virtual wire has been cut off
Gross weight 19KGSIntelligent testing lawn
Net weight 16KGSSubarea setting
Charging time≤2 hours / ≤3 hoursWarranty2 years
Rain sensor ●with this function,×without this function