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SWEKLUKKA Bozlun Heart Data Y91

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1. 24-hour continuous heart rate

monitoring; (24-hour continuous heart

rate monitoring, analysis of heart rate

changes, and prompt reminders when

abnormalities are found)

2. ECG measurement function

3. Blood oxygen measurement,

4. HRV monitoring and analysis

5. Exercise monitoring and fitness

recommendations; (step counting,

calories, mileage)

6. Precise sleep monitoring;

7. Blood pressure measurement

8. Exercise mode (enter exercise mode,

long press for 3 seconds to activate,

start exercise, monitor real-time heart

rate, steps, calorie consumption, mileage

from start to finish);

9. Alarm clock reminder function

11. Remote control photography 

1.MCU: Nordic nRF52832
2.Input: 5V-100MA
3.Control mode: touch, raise hand to display
4.Vibration: real-time vibration reminder
(non-Bluetooth connection status)
5.Screen size: 1.08 IPS color screen 135*240
6.Memory: 64KB RAM+512KB ROM external
64M flash
7.Single product packaging size:
8.Data connection: low energy Bluetooth 4.0
9.Compatible system: Android 4.4 and above;
iOS 9.0 and above
10.Waterproof and dustproof: IP68
11.Battery capacity: 120mAh Life time: 4 days
Charging method: USB direct charge
Charging time: about 1~2 hours
Main shell material: ABS+PMMA

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