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SWEKLUKKA Hedgrind B37

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Artikelnummer: 29

Functions & Features

-Multiple motion modes;

-Sleep quality monitoring;

-Heart rate, step calorie distance, music

playback, phone rejection, motion track,

motion track GPS, hand-lifting screen,

call alert, SMS alert, anti-loss reminder,

alarm alert, sedentary reminder,

stopwatch, Countdown,

-App Reminder, Do Not Disturb Mode,

Break Alert, RemoteLy Take a Photo,

Look for Bracelets, System Switch, Heart

Rate Alarm Social Sharing, WeChat

Sports, Alarm Settings, Bracelet

Brightness Adjustment, Health Sharing

(WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter,

Whatsapp) and so on, the main interface

Style switch

Technical Parameters

-MCU: Realtek8762C Bluetooth: 4.0BLE (low
power consumption)
-Heart rate sensor: HRS3300.
-Acceleration sensor: BST-BMA253.
-Screen: 1.09 IPS 240 x 240dpi.
-Battery: 155mAh.
-Storage: 512KB Flash.
-Charging mode: Magnetic suction charging.
-Dimensions: Diameter 43.5MMThickness: 9.8
mm diesm Minimum is 155MM Maximum is
Case material: alloy vacuum plating.
Material: eco-friendly scratch-resistant TPU
waterproof rating: IP67/life waterproof.
Mobile version supported: iOS 8.0 and
android 4.4 or more.

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